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Wenzhou Kento tungsten carbide Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the famous national tourist destination - Yandang Mountain Scenic Area. Companies rely on the advantages of Zhejiang Province carbide production base, technical cooperation in the South China University of Powder Metallurgy Research Institute and Zhejiang powder metallurgy provincial high-tech research and development center, a collection of carbide products production, research and development, sales, technical services as one. With the world's advanced production technology, a strong scientific research and development team. Companies adhering to the "refinement process, the quality of the first" purpose, commitment to carbide products, new product development, production and sales. Has formed a carbide plate, carbide rotary file, carbide die, carbide rod, carbide disc cutter, carbide alloy mine tools, carbide impact drill, indexable CNC Blade production line and supporting tools, carbide non-standard series, and other flagship product. In the automotive, national defense rectification, metallurgy, engineering and mining machinery, chemical industry, light industry, home appliances and microelectronics and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Main carbide Products in Kento:

Tungsten Carbide Stone cutting tips/ carbide brazed tips

Tungsten Carbide Bars / Rods / Strips / Plates /Board/Sheet

Tungsten Carbide Studs / Tip teeth / Burrs Blanks/ Buttons

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools / Milling Tools

Tungsten Carbide Mould / Die

Tungsten Carbide Base For PCD Inserts

Tungsten Carbide Guage Protection

Other Carbide Products



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